• Mango and berry tart

      500 yen
    • Handmade Dolce

      Handmade Dolce

      480 yen

      Handmade Dolce is on showcase.It is good to ask recommended ♪

  • Cold meal

    • Octopus and broccoli garlic marinade

      480 yen

      It is a staple of snacks.

    • Olive oil sardines

      500 yen

      Laurier, rosemary, has been flavored with time.

    • Bakkara-Mantes cart (dip of salt cod)

      580 yen

      Veneto style.Please enjoy wearing with us of the bucket.

    • Walnut and Camembert cheese potato salad

      Walnut and Camembert cheese potato salad

      580 yen

      The texture of Camembert cheese is accent.

    • Caprese of tomato

      580 yen

      We use mozzarella cheese produced in Italy buffalo.

    • Raw ham Assorted

      Raw ham Assorted

      780 yen

      It is freshly cut.From Italy · Sandaniele

    • Assorted Grande Raw Ham

      Assorted Grande Raw Ham

      1380 yen
    • Appetizer platter

      880 yen
    • Scallops and shrimp salad

      Scallops and shrimp salad

      ¥ 780 / half 580 yen

      Orange fragrant red wine with vinegar dressing

  • Hot

    • Season of Quiche

      380 yen

      Muffin size of small quiche.The contents pleasing to staff.

    • Hokkuri fries

      450 yen

      You can enjoy the texture was Goro'.

    • Frit of seafood

      Frit of seafood

      680 yen

      Excellent compatibility with white wine.Brussels sprouts, paprika too.

    • Ahijo of tomatoes and mushrooms

      680 yen

      Tomato sour accents.

    • Ahijo of gizzards

      680 yen

      Enjoy the crunchy and texture.

    • Of soft-shell shrimp Ahijo

      Of soft-shell shrimp Ahijo

      750 yen

      Recommended Ahijo.It served as the molting freshly shrimp.

    • Served with bacon steak watercress salad

      780 yen

      Boryumi.Well with watercress ◎.

    • Sausage two Assorted

      Sausage two Assorted

      980 yen

      Plenty of 150g

    • Bucket (2 sheets / 4 sheets)

      Bucket (2 sheets / 4 sheets)

      250 yen / 450 yen
  • Meat, fish dishes

    • Chef's recommendation is prepared on a daily basis.Please speak to our staff.

      Chef's recommendation is prepared on a daily basis.Please speak to our staff.

      1080 yen -

      Depending on the purchase situation, we may not be able to offer.

    • Tuna Hoho meat steak

      1080 yen
    • Lamphlet dot (boiled beef pumpkin)

      1280 yen
    • Chicken KACATORA

      Chicken KACATORA

      1280 yen
    • Cow streak demiglace sauce

      Cow streak demiglace sauce

      1450 yen
    • Simmered milk of pork belly (Romagna style)

      Simmered milk of pork belly (Romagna style)

      1480 yen
    • Regaro's pork

      Regaro's pork

      2180 yen

      Popular menu We grilled the grill of herb chicken, thickly cut bacon, vice burst (sausage) with one plate boldly.There is no doubt that beer and wine will go!

  • Appetizers

    • Breadstick

      300 yen

      Elongated snack.Also wrapped in raw ham OK.

    • Carrot Julian

      300 yen
    • Mixed nuts

      380 yen
    • pickles

      400 yen
    • Olive Assorted

      400 yen
    • Cheese assorted

      680 yen
  • Pasta bucket

    • Arrabiata

      930 yen

      You can adjust the spiciness.

    • Carbonara


      880 yen
    • Seafood lago sauce pasta

      Seafood lago sauce pasta

      1180 yen
    • Bucket (4 sheets)

      450 yen

      Half 150 yen